I am an interaction designer from the Netherlands, in addition I stream development on Twitch when I find the time. I aim to release most of the stuff I make on GitHub, as long as I have to time and I can support myself. If I find the time I will write papers or articles to accompany whag I make and to explain the stuff I do more formally.

Since my 12th I made custom maps and assets for games like Age of Empires/Mythology, Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2, some of which were made ‘official’, later during university I learned programming and made successful games in several Ludum Dare. and was lucky enough to have some of my interactive installations on display only meters from know modern artist like Banksy and Damien Hirst.

I call these personal successes, which I defined as timeEnjoyedByOthers > timeBuildByMe

I also ran two companies, I did some design and implementation freelance work for several international and multinationals, and travel through Europe. Both of which I think were both personal and financially successful.

Right now I am looking for creative opportunities and doing things purely for fun, while wrapping up my studies.